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Your smile is in good hands!

Whether you want to make a great first impression; want to be ready for that job interview, or just want to make sure you maintain the best oral health possible, we can help you. We are focused on being an eager dental group in Yonge, excited about caring for our patients and their families and advancing their lifetime dental well being.

Whether you are looking for cosmetic dental solutions like teeth whitening or need teeth cleaning solutions, we are here for you. At Sunlight dental, we provide a wide range of dental treatments including root canal treatment, teeth polishing, dental implants, crowns and bridges and much more. If you wish to book an appointment with our team or need more information regarding the services and treatments we off, please get in touch with us now.

Our team of dentist have many years of experience, you can rest assured that you are getting quality and reliable treatments at all times. Over the years, we have gained an enviable reputation for providing high-quality treatments at fair prices.

Dr. Dariush Radman, Dentist In Thornhill, Richmond Hill

Make the white choice for your smile

Age, consumption of certain beverages and food may leave our teeth stained and yellow. Our team understands that yellow teeth may make you feel conscious about your smile and hamper your confidence. You can rely on us to offer affordable and quality teeth whitening treatments. Our treatment will provide you with a flawless and beautiful smile you always wished for. In addition to teeth whitening, our team also offer teeth cleaning solutions.

Plaque accumulation may cause serious damage to your teeth. Regular and scheduled teeth cleaning will help remove plaque and tartar. We also offer dental scaling and polishing this helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Our patients’ enthusiastic and physical well-being is our top need and we endeavour to make every one of your visits to our dental office a comfortable and satisfying experience. Contact a member of our team now for more information. We will be happy to help you with all your requirements. Our team serves patients across yonge.

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