Dental Implants

Dental Implant Thornhill

If you are missing a tooth you may be advised to place a dental implant. Obvious reasons why you may require implant treatment are cosmetic appearance and difficulty chewing. Another important reason why you might be advised to replace a missing tooth with an implant is the biomechanics of your mouth.

Surrounding teeth and gum tissue will have to take on more pressure which can cause damage such as bone loss, gum recession, and tooth decay. Placing a dental implant involves three distinct stages.

The first stage involves the initial consultation where Dr. Radman will examine your mouth as well as your x-rays and determine a treatment plan that is most suitable together with you.

The second stage involves the placement of the implant, which is a metal post that replaces the root of your tooth and will later hold a prosthetic crown. After the placement of the implant, you will wait three months such that the gum tissue completely heals. More importantly, this time allows for the implant to fuse together and merge with the surrounding bone tissue.

The third and final stage which involves two visits, where Dr. Radman will take an impression of your tooth, as well as the shade, and send it to the lab where they will make a prosthetic crown that perfectly matches your mouth, on the final visit the crown will simply be screwed on and your implant is complete and ready to last you for years to come.

Long term success of dental implant depends on many factors , one of the most important of them is maintaining excellent oral Hygiene , at SDC, we have 2 years ( 6 times in 2 years) , free of charge, maintenance recalls program.. All of our dental implant patients are highly encouraged to thoroughly follow that plan. During the recall sessions, oral hygiene instruction and evaluation, as well as trouble shooting of possible issues are meticulously executed.

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